Celisse Henderson

What s a day in the life of Celisse Hendersson like?

Celisse Henderson responded on 01/18/2012

Man...it's quite different every day! Why don't I walk you through my day today? I'm up too early..(I don't get much sleep these days...too much on my brain.) and usually asleep too late. I am going to run some errands, (trader joes, post office etc) pick up my vintage recording player that has been in the shop for a few weeks, pop on a Laura Nyro record and cook my breakfast and pack my lunch for the day. Then it's off to work at noon for a 2:30pm Matinee @ www.godspellonbroadway.com After that I am home to pick up laundry and clean up a little bit before one of my very best pals in the world (Annaleigh) is gonna come over for dinner. Once that is finished, I am going to take a nice walk to Joe's Pub to see my fellow cast mate and friend (Lindsay Mendez) do her jazz set. Once that's finished I'll be home again to work on a little bit of music (my own solo stuff), clean up a bit around my apartment, and then it's off to bed! 8-)

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