Celisse Henderson

Tell us how you feel about the preview process and if when the critics come, will that changes things for you?

Celisse Henderson responded on 10/26/2011

The preview process has been awesome...tiring...but awesome! The audiences have been so responsive and my fellow cast mates and I have felt better and better about this little show we're putting on every day we get to do it! I think critics are a necessary aspect of art..but for me it will not and quite frankly can't change anything in my/our performances. I don't really read reviews, but I'm sure I'll hear about them...however the most important thing is to keep the focus on the work..on bringing as much joy as possible to our audiences no matter how the critics view this production. I believe confidently that it will be beautifully positive...but either way...the joy will remain at THE CIRCLE IN THE SQUARE! 8-)

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